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Sept. 9 - Monthly Goal Setting Sessions

Sept. 11 - Reinvention: Is Busyness Keeping You Stuck

Oct. 16 - Monthly Goal Setting Sessions Reinvention: Is Busyness Keeping You Stuck


Goal Setting

Craft goals, spark drive, achieve success. These goal setting sessions will converts aspirations into achievements.

Join us for an empowering one-hour goal setting session aimed at supercharging your journey in the next 30 days. Led by Coach Jean Marie Keevins, this monthly goal-setting experience is a unique opportunity to align your professional aspirations and personal dreams. Through guided introspection, you'll define clear and achievable goals that bridge the gap between your career and personal fulfillment. Ignite your inner motivation, gain clarity on your ambitions, and walk away with a simple and concrete plan to turn your vision into reality. This transformative session is all about unlocking your potential, fostering self-discovery, and cultivating unwavering determination. Invest just one hour to set the stage for a month of remarkable accomplishments, converting your aspirations into tangible triumphs.

Join this special online Ellevate Event

Are you  so busy being busy that you aren't living the life that you want? If so, this workshop is for you. In it we will get unstuck together by: 

  • Identify what is bogging you down

  • Get honest about it

  • Lift a bit of the burden and make room for the life you want

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Screen Shot 2023-08-30 at 7.31.42 PM.png


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